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TEK Engineering Works (Regd.)
Name : Mr. Y. C. Sharma

2759/337, Central Bank Bldg, Hamilton Road, Mori Gate Delhi (India)

Mobile :

[email protected]
[email protected]
TEK Plastic Bins & Drawers

Bins and Drawers are very beneficial for storage, separation and instant identification of components or items stored in it. putting them together creates a perfect storage system for multiple parts inventories, or wherever quick access and organization of components is necessary.

1. TEK Super Big Bins (H)204mm x(W) 210mm x(D)345mm
2. TEK Big Bins (H)165mm x(W)218mm x(D)275mm
3. TEK Medium Bins (H)100mm x(W)165mm x(D)215mm
4. TEK Small Bins (H)80mm x(W)118mm x(D)150mm
5. TEK Plastic Drawers (H)62mm x(W)137mm x(D)337mm

TEK Plastic Drawers Racks
1950mm x375mm x900mm - Having 16 shelves with 90 TEK Plastic Drawers
making 360 compatt. & Three sides are covered. TEK Plastic Drawers have 3 Partition
making 4 compatt. ( 90 Drawers x 4 Compatt.) = 360 compatt.
(Idle storage for small parts. Example: Nut Bolt, Pench, Washer, Skrew. )
Racks sizes will be increase or decrease as per your specification.

TEK Bins Almirah
TEK Bins Rack2
TEK Bins Rack
TEK Plastic Drawer
TEK Plastic Drawers Rack
TEK Plastic Drawers Almirah
TEK Bins Rack 1
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